Wolfram Von Krieger, also known as Wolfram Krieger Vasa, is a graal military community member, and a known Sarovian loyalist.

I'll be writing this from third person. I'll include my stuff on Classic, but keep in mind I'm gonna put the most work into Ol West, since Kevlar told me to. Thanks Kev.

Wolfram Von Krieger (Classic) Edit

Work in progress.

Davy Crockett (Ol West) Edit

Davy Crockett is Wolframs name on Ol West. Davy Crockett started off in Desert Corps (right before it was changed), then it was made into Der Western Reich. They waged war against the newly created United Tattaglia Confederation. Davy Crockett rose to become the best fighter in the west, easily defeating the Confederation when he fought them. But, when Crockett wasn't there, a battle happened and Tattaglia won. Later on, he founded the Sarovian Fleet, with Constantine. They waged war against the Iron Federation, made up of The Minute Men and the remnants of Outpost Evergreen. Davy Crockett and his combat skill really came to public eye here. Constantine and Kevlar had some border disputes. Kevlar challenged the Fleet. Davy Crockett decided to step up against Kevlar. They sparred about three times. Amazingly, Davy Crockett won, despite all odds. Kevlar and his crew backed off. This is considered the real start of Davy Crockett's legacy. Kevlar no longer ruled the west in combat skill. The two sides fought on. Davy Crockett helped the Fleet barely defeat the Federation. Soon after the victory, though, the Fleet too fell. Since then, Davy Crockett has joined multiple military groups that didn't last long. He hopes the community will once again return to Ol West.


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