The 1st Overseer: Fessler Dolan

The Wikia was founded on January 19th, 2014. Fessler was the creator of the Wikia. He started it with Kusan, but his time as Overseer was short-lived as Auel took over the Founder account after a short period of time.

The 2nd Overseer: Auel Vist

Auel took control of the Wikia from Fessler, however he did nothing with the power and would soon after hand it off to Roanoke.

The 3rd Overseer: Roanoke Han

Roanoke transformed the Wikia into what it is today. Taking a small, 20-30 page Wikia and turning it into a thriving place of resources and information. Roanoke reigned over the Wikia for the majority of the nearly 3 years it had existed, working on it actively and hiring a number of staff. However he relinquished control to Kevlar Vaughn on 22/08/2016.

The 4th Overseer: Kevlar Vaughn

Kevlar Vaughn was given control of the Wikia on 22/08/2016 from Roanoke Han. In December of 2016, Kevlar grew disinterested in the Classic community and made the move to West. As a result, he stepped down as the wiki Overseer.

Overseer Committee

Overseer Kevlar Vaughn stepped down in December of 2016. As a result, former Overseer Roanoke Han started the search for a new Overseer. Multiple candidates were contacted but ultimately none were interested. As a result, Roanoke formed an admin committee to continue the day to day operations of maintaining the Wikia.

The 5th Overseer: Grizz Regium

Grizz Regium was given the position of Overseer of the Wikia on 13/02/2017. He has expressed interest in bringing back old programs. However, he eventually resigned due to him being busy with life.

The 6th Overseer: Xiao Han

Xiao Han took the position of Overseer on January 5th, 2018 to start a new Wikia Commission and start working on it again.