Did you know...

  • ... that Vulnus was the first person to defeat a Sentinel?
  • ... that Fessler was the first Wikia Overseer?
  • ... that Auel once led a guild called Shinra?
  • ... that Kozak was once in the guild Zanza, and has the Helsing 1k hat?
  • ... that Fortis was originally in a guild called Aizu Clan, until Time forced them to kick him, leading him to create Asano Clan?
  • ... that Winry started off as a Private in State?
  • ... that Viral was one of the founders of The State?
  • ... that Grizz was given his first leadership position as a result of Shaw becoming an admin?
  • ... that Grizz knows Outlaw in real life, and actually showed him Graal?

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