• Can I have a page? Absolutely! At the top right corner of the page you'll see a contribute page. Click this and begin writing your page!
  • Is the Wikia biased/propaganda? I'm not going to lie, in mid to late 2014, the Wikia was used as a State propaganda tool. This was how it went until Roanoke took control, and pushed for Wikia neutrality. As much of the Wikia as possible is neutral, but do keep in mind that people who write pages about themselves will have a bit of bias. Some of the earlier pages which haven't been updated, such as Auel and The State, still do have a lot of bias, however no one with the time and knowledge has been able to update them.
  • Who created the Wikia? Fessler created the Wikia, originally. See the Wikia Overseers page.
  • Who's the current Overseer? The current Overseer is Kevlar Vaughn, who stepped up after the detoriation of the Overseer Committee and the resignation of former Overseer Grizz Regium.
  • Who can I contact with questions or concerns? Kevlar Vaughn: .
  • Why am I blocked? The most common reason for blocking on the Wikia is vandalism. If you don't think you deserve your block, you can appeal to Kevlar, however most bans are usually not overturned. The Wikia reserves the right to block anyone from our service, for any reason, with or without publicly disclosing the reason.
  • Can the Wikia view my IP? Only Wikia VSTF or Wikia Employees can view the IP of registered users. For more information, click here.

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