What Is Auel

By Boris Kaage

Article No. I

Auel was never a name, it was a belief. This belief was that we could unite and have a common goal, for the people. So many different people in a very small space, what could we do?With this belief, came people that picked it up and believed it too. And with that, it became an ideology. The name Auel was never a man, but a goal, a purpose, and most of all, an ideal.With this foundation guilds were formed and people broke off to create new beliefs based on this Ideal. From what was a small political foundation, many other foundations were born.

Legends were born out of these foundations. Wars were declared because of the different ideologies that were created from one single parent foundation. The consequences of this ideology were astronomical in Graal. It has united many, and separated entire factions. Every second a thought is made, every memory is branded by the thought of one man. That man is Auel. Never a man, but a weapon


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