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The Valerian Military was created by the Valeria Family, which was founded by Beatles Valeria. The Valeria Family, the central force of the Valerian Military, was suggested by NeoJenova, the father of Neo and Beatles during the Valorous/Aegis era in late 2014. In the January of 2015, the Valeria Family was founded by Beatles Valeria. Some members of the Valeria Family were notable good at sparring, fighting and guild sparring. Initially, due to their sparring skill, the Valeria Family was welcomed by the Bavarian Empire, only to realize that Bavarians were using the Valerians to win battles and wars. Beatles would defeat Morzan on a spar duel to win battles, Leo, Neo and Beatles would guild spar against Xeno, Bianca, James F. Zoar with hacks, vydraks, and Ryzallion, and would still beat them 4-2, and Valerians like John and Harold would spar for hours to win open field battles for Bavarians. Jaguar's strategies would pave a more time-consuming method for Bavarian wins.


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