A response to Xinke and Zearos’ articles concerning the future. 

(In case you didn't know, this is satirical. So don't get #Triggered m8s)  

Trust me, there is nothing to worry about. 

I understand that there are lots of idiots in the later generation, but trust me, we will manage just fine when you depart. We’ll do what you old geezers did back awhile ago, create a military without the help of older officers and succeed. 

For an example, Regius and I did just fine when we led our little military awhile back, (that is of course before he wanted to become a wondering knight and destroy everything). And we had no help, no advice from any other old officers, aside from some help from Peter.

It may take some time for us to perfect the art of military, but it will happen. So, y’all can chill out, and everything will turn out just fine. There will be some shitty social-military hybrids down the way. I guarantee it, but I promise you senile old grandpas, that we can make this work. 

And yes, there are greedy assholes, but weren't there power hungry idiots back in the RG? In the first eras of the State, Imperia? Of course! All we'll have to do is filter them out, and then we will thrive.  

We can make this work, and we will unite the militaries under one banner, and usher in the sort of golden age you all nostalgically look back at.  

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