The Victricean Legion was founded in early April of 2016 by Perseus Z F Church, Philip Ullr Church and Michael Luffy Beatles Valeria.

It stood strong against the State when it was under Logan Verum, and against the Republic right after. 


The Victricean Legion didn't use State formation training, it focused around guild and 1 on 1 spar training.

The Emperor had plans of heavy overworld affairs such as: Daily public training, sentry stations and city guard routes.

VLC Vexillum

A Victricean Vexillum bearing the 4th Cohort's number.

The Cohorts were originally designed to be very organized and stand on their own if other Cohorts were disbanded or the Centurion went awol, after the Victricean banner raised this would be changed that the Centurions relied on orders directly from the command guild. The beta version each Cohort was to follow its Vexillum into battle.

VLC Vint

Vinter V Gillis Church, Centurion of the 4th Cohort.

The Fourth Cohort was the closest to the aspects of a perfect Cohort, its Legionnaires were the first to follow an order. This is much thanks to its Centurion, Vinter V Gillis Church who kept his men in line.

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