--Power Struggle--

From recent Militaries falling. Führer Auel, created the "Constitution," of Militaries. While doing so, Auel joined the State Party. With Imperian Party(S) and Basceyian Federation, if becomes the most powerful party in The Power Struggle.

Auel names the largest street, "State Street" as Many marches are acustom through this street.

--1 Year Later-- The State Party Is elected, Auel becomes the King, appointing Viral CrUel as his General, and James as the Prime Minister.

--It is Formed--

7 months later, I enlist in the State, I am placed in State Infantry IV as a Private. I am given my rifle, my training, my rights.

"HEIL AUEL!" The Major screams. We scream with our loyality burning in us, "HEIL AUEL! HEIL STATE!"

The Major orders us to Parade the Streets before Auel' Speech. The Streets are filled with loyal armed soldiers, innocent Civilians, officers, and of course "HEIL STATE." Is the only sound I can hear, and that's how I want it.

--Auel'S Speech--

Auel steps up to his podium. He recites his Speech.

"It is a great honor to have you all here, for bringing me to power. As such, you all have your unwavering loyality to The State and I. And as you may have heard, the Imperians, Basceyians, and the Arcadians, have declared war on us. They will try to get to our land, destroy our streets. And cause mahem to our democracy. But I will not allow this! We will bring the fight to them!"


During the next 3-4 weeks, I am deployed on the Battlefield. The front lines conditions are terrible. The smell is terrible.

Major Jin orders us to 'Clear the bodies' It is a bloody job. Picking up these Arcadian Barbarics. Edit

But I spot something... it's not a normal sight...

3 Imperian bomber jets slice through the air, unleashing Mahem. BOOM! Our Gunnery Sergeant is hit!

I didn't see it coming, a divison of hungry imperians come our way. I pick up my Gun. "Take this you fucking bastards!" And I fire what seems to be infinite death, dozens go down quickly. A stylish Lieutenant, around 19ish has a bloody hole in his chest. I see his injured comrades draw near him. Dropping tears.

My Major notices thos, and promotes me to Lance Corporal. Promotion for committing murder.

Over the next eight weeks it's nothing but Shoot to kill. But this time it's special, 1000 Of us raid a town. They won't fight back, they surrender. Our Major is ruthless and orders us to slaughter them. He Gives me an "Execution pistol" and tells me to kill 100 of them. As the enemies had surrendered 3,000 we had to get rid of them as fast as possible. And what better way to pay for they're crimes.

I dont want to do it. Buf it's an Order. As I aim my pistol, I start to shiver. And I pull the trigger back and yell "I'm sorry!" BAM! The Imperian falls to the ground like nothing. I shiver in fear. But I can't let this stop me, I aim and pull the trigger back without mercy. BAM! He falls to the ground like Garbage into a garbage can.

I am now a Sergeant, I can call drills with approval from the Major and lead a squad.

--4 Years Later-- It has been a Great War, millions have died. I am now a state Captain. Leading 2,500 men without question.

As the war has titled into the enemy's favor, we take precaution. i am invited to a meeting with the other infantry leaders and the big three.

I realize what I can do, stop the war. I can go to the meeting. And shoot Auel right At point blank. Oh how I hate Auel! My mother and father are dead due to this war! Graal City is in ruins! Millions dead!

--My last stand--

The meeting begins. I slip some poison into Virals Drink. As soon as I slip my hand away, the meeting starts.

Auel is getting the 11th infantry, Consisting of only 600-700 men, to attack a Major part of Graal City controlled by the Imperians and Arcadians. Is he mad!?

I stand up fastly and fire my pistol at Auel, I miss! Damnit I'm done for! I shoot James, just injuring him. Next thing I now, I'm shot and lying on the blood stained carpet. And Virap is choking on poisonz

--My punishment--

I shot Auel and James, only injuring Them. But from what I hear, Viral has died.

i am sentenced to death by firing squad.

James and Auel themslevea watch, as long with hundreds -- No thousands of men watching.

Captain Orfeo explains My charges

"You are sentenced to death, by firing squad. You have been given this sentence for Killing of A State General, and attempted Murder of Auel himself and James. Heil Auel."

I button my uniform, without anything I have to say for myself. Orfeo fires his pistol into the air. "HEIL AUEL!" I yell. 12 men fire theyre machine guns at me. I fall to the ground. I say one last thing. "Fuck you all!" And Auel kicks my dead body and shoots me.

--2 Months Later-- The Imperiane, Arcadians, And Basceyians honor my grave.

Auel, Winry, and James killed themlseves, thus ending the war.


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