The issue with Sehzan Edit

As many have noticed, the Sehzan have become more involved in the Military Community. For me and many others, it's annoying. They have threatened our ways and even begun to post on our Wikia. The Sehzan is a RP guild, like very into it. Their leader Isamu even has in his status "Fantasy/Kingdom rper" like really? This is not who we are but rather that is their own seperate community. I can see where they are coming from though, they want to make their guild prominent in our community, but they aren't even really aligned with us and their Uniforms are armors various individuals have created in the community that were stolen and put on Graal Depot, and their Head of Military guy Paynius has in his status that the uniform can be found on Graal Depot, no creativity whatsoever. At this point they are stunting the Community's progress.

To all the Sehzan who are reading this,

You are a respectable guild and I know you guys are only trying to make your guild known to the Military Community, but I beg of you to go back to your Dojo and stay out of our affairs.


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