The First Era

In the summer of 2016, Muzak and Roy Hakari formed a very large guild that soon faced many battles with Sarovia. Reinhard had one of the largest alliances in history within our community; The Grand Centinnel Alliance. With Reinhard, Crawford, Marion Kingdom and many other Ex-Sarovian Empire Nations.

Where this begins is in Vrezran, another semi-large guild operated by Muzak. Sherlock had wanted to defeat Muzak since the creation, but failed. Many of his members were banned, including some senior staff. That left him with one choice; to merge with Sarovia.

Muzak, Low and Paw join Sarovia as Ministers. As promised, Muzak led the Justice Department and Treasury. That was all good, Sherlock had treated he and his men somewhat decent. Until eventually Bruce had schemed up a plan to rebel, Muzak joined in. Causing major problems, losing the treasury.

Bruce had joined Muzak for a bit, two days maybe. Until he eventually was promised Major in Sarovia and he automatically took it. There Muzak was left stranded. Beforehand, Muzak had been in contact with Roy -- already planning Reinhard's arrival. They planned for weeks, and then the day came.

Reinhard and its sister guilds, Reinhard Infantry I, II, II and even a Training Regiment. All full within the week. With stable ranks, stable jobs and positions. It was perfect. Then they had an uproar with the Lieutenant General resigning, leaving the position vacant. He soon refilled it, and all was well.

Muzak eventually convinced Peter to join, he led their Cavalry. He was one of the most skilled fighters they had. Then, on a late June night -- Reinhard had been declared war upon. By none other than Sarovia; of course. That led to some of the bloodiest battles in history.

The First Night: Sarovia arrived in York, 6-10 soldiers armed and ready. Reinhard had been there, +20 troops ready. Almost a six hour battle, resulting in Peter and many other Reinhard members staying until Sarovian troops left. Reinhard's win.

The Second Night: Reinhard was caught off guard by 10-15 Sarovian troops. 30 Reinhard soldiers countered it, with a 6 hour battle. Reinhard's win.

Then Muzak and other staff was banned, resulted in the death of Reinhard.

The Second Era

Muzak tried to start Reinhard again after the fall of Donald's Kingdom of Cerenthia, with a few solid core officers. It was planned for a very long time and it grew very fast, filling infantries in just a short period of time. Reinhard consisted of new and old military faces, some of which are noteworthy. Its time was short because, after a few days, Constantine tried to remake Sarovia which resulted with Reinhard members leaving.

While the empire was falling, Muzak acted very immaturely, threatening to ban everyone who'll leave for Sarovia. Arno stepped up, dealing with the immaturity Muzak shown, this is when Muzak accepted defeat yet he remained scheming on how he'll make his revenge.