Militaries over the past year or two have suffered a vast decline in many areas. While there are countless reasons for this, some of which were discussed last year in the series of articles, The End Tomes, by Various Authors, there are three that I believe cause the military community to suffer more than any other. I will write a piece on each of these issues as well as potential solutions and add them here as not to clutter the literature page. Of these, I believe the one that needs to be fixed the quickest is trainings, the others are important, but not to nearly the same extent.

  1. Ranks in Military Guilds, by Zearos D. S'ahlesius
  2. Names, Titles, and "The State", by Zearos D. S'ahlesius
  3. Issues with Trainings, by Zearos D. S'ahlesius

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