I don’t usually throw my opinions on big things like this out there, but, here it is.

In this piece I will give my unbiased opinion on who are the most important and influential people in the military community.

I may add more and edit the piece as time goes on. This is a bit rushed, so do check back in a while.

Auel Vist

Here's an obvious one. Auel - The Father of Graal Militaries. It was he who set the standard for all militaries since the beginning, and he is one of the most influential figures in the community. The State, in every Auelist incarnation, never fails to draw members.


Bavaria is often made fun of, but Peter and his guild have proven themselves to really compare to guilds like The State. Peter and his large group of followers have repeatedly made Bavaria a success in it's multiple incarnations.

Xinke & Others

Xinke and the other major Imperians (Kozak, Ryzallion, Colin, etc) are without a doubt a group of the most influential people in the military community. Magnusian Imperia was one of the most well-structured and fun military guilds ever created.

Harau Bacsey

Harau and his Bacseyians have caused countless ripples in the community. Harau's involvement since the first eras of Graal Military history has helped to shape the community in it's own way. Although now fallen into obscurity, Harau is still a major figure in the community.


The name Kusan is one of the most valued family names in the Graal Military community, and the man himself has a very long list of achievements. His guild, Elysia, is notably one of the only guilds that ever made a successful and flourishing society system, completely with cities and civilian jobs. His impact is clearly visible in recent militaries, as his ideas have shaped the way we think about society and civilization guilds.

Vulnus Consilim

Vulnus and The Consilim Family were famously involved in the practice of manipulating others. Their efforts in doing so shaped the views of everyone in the community, directly and indirectly, and undoubtedly has an effect on how people in the community act even today. Vulnus's multiple guilds and projects would also come to play a big part in military history.


The founder of FoV, Wushen and his Lieutenants, although disconnected from the mainstream military community, created a bridge between the military community and the towering/sparring/PK community, opening the doors for more positive interactions between the different communities. Additionally, some of the morals that Wushen set out for the members of FoV carry over into the mainstream military community even now.


Popularizing the idea of collecting and storing information, Sherlock laid the foundation for investigation to occur in the Graal Military community. His ideals created the idea of an intelligence department, and his own work in investigation has caused many events, good and bad, in the community.


General of the Graal Defense Forces, Insignia deserves a spot on the list for creating the idea of a Graal Military. His creation in GDF is what motivated Auel to create The State in the long run.


The leader of Baby Punchers Association, Griff popularized the idea of Graal Baby hunting and played a major role in the shaping of the military community.

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