This page is outdated. Dismiss most of the information on this page. It will be preserved as it is currently in case it is redone in the future, however any link to this page will be removed. Thank you. -Roanoke

The Graalian Historical Society is an organization founded by Professor Roanoke Han. It was designed around the writing and recording aspects of the community. It's daughter companies are:

  1. The Wikia Project
  2. The Graalian Literature Association

It follows a simple 4-tier main ranking system. The only real Professors and Doctors are those authorized by The Graalian Historical Society.

  1. Professor
  2. Doctor
  3. Academic
  4. Scholar

Professor(s): Professor Roanoke Han

Doctor(s): Doctor Goose

The Wikia Project

The Wikia Project is the construction and maintenance of the history and biographical pages of the Wikia. It has no particular ranking system, but rather a few positions. If you've studied the Wikia a lot, you can also join the Society as a Historian.

  1. Overseer
  2. Admin
  3. Moderator
  • The Wikia is currently being run by a committee.

The Graalian Literature Association (GLA)

The GLA is an organization created by Professor Roanoke Han to encourage the creation of more books by members of the Graal Military community. The benefits for writing with the GLA are:

  • Exposure of your book on the Wikia.
  • Dedicated editors available at any time.
  • Roanoke is a really cool dude.

To register as a GLA author, email Your first book will be expected shortly after joining the organization.

Authors Registered with the GLA

  • Professor Roanoke Han
  • Doctor James Moriarty
  • Zakiev
  • Fessler (Given automatic membership for previous works)
  • Ajax
  • Regius