Written 5/25/2015 by Xylene.Zoar Valeria

The Complete Story Of Xylene.Zoar Valeria From Beginning to End Edit

First things first let me get straight, my real name is Will, and my cousin is Xeno. The reason I started this game was Xeno showing me it and I thought it was interesting, It was Christmas Eve, and I got on for the first time. I was a huge noob, I wore red and white and used the red visor head. I began my first guild with Xeno called Tragic Chaos, we had wanted good towering guild but Tragic Chaos didn’t really live up to that and we were ok with that for awhile. Then one day Xeno introduced me to my first military guild, it was the second State, and there I met many people, my first encounter was with Senlok, Senlok has proven time and time again to be a good friend and worthy opponent, he trained and coached me and I became a better warrior. After a while, State began to crumble,(this is where it starts to get fuzzy), I then found my way to Elysia, this is where I started making many new friends. I joined the Elysian Guard where I met Azrael, Kusan, and the soon to be notorious Octavian.(As I said before I can’t remember a lot of this stuff because it’s been so long).

When State reformed yet again and Elysia fell, I joined up with State yet again and worked my way up through the ranks, this is where I first met Auel and found my growing respect for his authority and cold command. I also met Vulnus and Xinke along the way. Skipping details and fast forwarding a little, when militaries had died down for a while, a guy called Ender came along and created a guild based on Star Wars, which I know sounds silly but we took it to a different level of competitiveness. This is also where I met Time for the second time. He proved to be clever and efficient in worming his way into enemy guilds and burning them from the inside out. I respected him for that but after awhile he became a tiny bit too strange. After the Star Wars guild I joined Gorgo as her war adviser with again my friend Senlok. At this point I had met Auel, Winry, Senlok, Sherlock, Azrael, Kusan, Augustus, Xine, Gorgo, and a few other people such as Soren and Time. I served as Gorgo’s battle adviser coming up with strategies that won us multiple battles and eventually the war. Then I joined Xeno’s guilds based on the game Skyrim to battle the New State, we eventually prevailed and State fell again. Fast-forward some more because I can't remember anything in that besides coming back from quitting and joining Lendo’s guild that used my body as their uniform and staying in that for awhile before I joined Vulnus’ last guild, Alteria. I became a commanding officer of the Western Operations, Alteria was one of the best guilds ever created by Vulnus due to its success in battle and how many troops it had. After Alteria I became inactive for a bit then came back when Tinny, Azrael, Bliss, and Peter decided to turn our friendly guild into a force to be reckoned with against another State.

Auel had risen yet again and created another extremely powerful guild underneath his banner. We decided to turn our social guilds into a military we named Bavaria. We agreed on the terms that there would be a council of only us, the leaders, and one president every so often, and each of the original leaders would be given a special rank that was permanent. When Peter said he would agree to the terms and then nobody upheld them, I grew angry with them and I left. State began war with Bavaria and in my enraged panic I sat in the not so secret room in the grave stone and put a riddle in my status stating “Meet me where the four torched meet death.” Later, I fought against Peter, Azrael,Tinny and Bliss, some of my closest friends. I was dedicated to my hatred. I fought and fought, as hard as I could, and we lost. I was distraught, I went off for days and days until I finally came back. I was a new person, I was hardened and I had less emotions. Zoar Military rose up to challenge Bavaria and after a long time of Conflict Bavaria won. At this point I gave up and I started towering with Cruxis Reborn. My time with the is limited to only a little bit over a week.

And these past few days Sherlock, Xeno, and I have taken it upon ourselves to hassle Bavaria into surrendering. But the Bavaria I know is stronger than that. They would never fall victim to something such as propaganda. I have one last request for Peter, the leader and Kaiser of Bavaria. Surrender, lay down your arms for the last time, Bavaria’s time has come, it had an amazing run and will be remembered throughout Graal history. I helped bring it into existence, and now I am pleading with you Peter, to close its doors and lock them tight. This is my last wish before I quit. It would mean the world to me for you to heed my words.

P.S. Many thanks to Xeno(huge part), Vulnus, Auel, Xinke, Ryzallion, Minato/XOSS, Augustus, Octavian, Peter, Bliss, Tinny, Azrael, Mazin and the Cruxis Reborn Guild, Zero and The Sense Guild, Kusan, BEATLES and all of his other accounts, Neo, Senlok, Time, Soren, Harau, Lendo, Ender, Gorgo, Artix, Donald, Fessler and his book, Harriksar, Mathiveas, Regret, Treize/Grizz, Brutus, Drea Azari +TENG+, Leo, Kenshi, Viral Cruel, Clovis, Morzan, Halt ;), ESPECIALLY Fortis Asano and the Asano guild, Slade, Tragedy, Beta the Sentinel, AND THE  BIGGEST THANKS TO Sherlock Omay! Sorry If I did not get you in there, feel loved anyways. You all have shaped me to what I am today, take a tiny bit of time and spread this around and show it to somebody.

This is my last goodbye

See you in another TimeLine ;) Time knows what that means

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