History Of Sehzan

Sehzan was formed during the pc era of graal classic in 2005, it was made to teach players how to spar as well as keeping a strong sense of role play such as medieva, fantas, ancient japan etc. Its debated who started Sehzan but most can agree it was Seth (The MadKing before the modern Leader Isamu). Seth was a tough guy, he was able to get things done which made him a good leader but still sacrifices a good hearted personality for progression.

It was rumored that Seth died in 2015 but when Sehzan became a military he mysteriously returned to help with maintaining order and the good name of Sehzan. He told the Sehzan Lord Paynius of an old Alliance that was made up of Sehzan, Crawford, Valeria and Blackwood. This is when Paynius discovered the military community after finding the Crawford leader Germain.