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The Scorpious family

This family originally started out as Lyria. With Hythes Rhodes as Head he decided to change it. The Lyrian family originally had a few members and Heirs. It was the Royal family of A few failed militaries.

During a time of slight change for Hythes, he changed his name to Citadel Rhodes. The family name changed as well, it became Scorpious. Citadel had taken some members from the Lyria name and moved them to the Scorpious. Citadel made this name because he wanted to prove change. Has he succeeded? I would not know. It's up to the military community to decide if Citadel has changed.

Members of Family

  • Creator-Hythes
  • Current Head of Scorpious- Kratos Scorpious
  • Heirs of Scopious- Brennan Scorpious
  • Chancellor -Craig Scorpious
  • Elder- Harriskar Scorpious
  • Elder- Cincinnis Scorpious
  • Member-Myrrah Scorpious
  • Member-Charles Scorpious
  • Member-Woods Scorpious
  • Member-Lance Scorpious
  • Member-Jon Scorpious
  • Member-Charles Scorpious
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