Sarovia was founded by Aros Mako in the hopes of restoring the seriousness of the former community. To his surprise, it worked.

Sarovia began with Advanced Forces Operations (AFO) Team Neptune One, and lasted two weeks without a website, recruitment rallies, and an actual nation name. The Team was led by [M1] Captain Aros Mako, and instead of using training tactics like formations and rallies, he taught tactics, undercover work, door breaching, and held missions almost every night at 8pm. As Neptune One expanded, Sergeant Major John Kaine suggested the name Sarovia, and thus it was born, with the incoming AFO Teams Purgatory with the winter BDU and Wolfpack with the desert BDU.

Aros Mako began brainstorming a society with Sarovia, where social, serious, wise and cunning people could all fit in, with Cities such as Ravenwood that consisted of jobs and companies, a military with an intelligence branch, and a government with basic organizations like municipal police and libraries. Sadly, an unexpected 4k hour ban struck Aros, and he decided to let it die instead of ruining it`s good name by attempting to revive it.

In retaliation to the ban, Aros began a new account and starting writing handbooks, up to 50 pages. He decided not to let Sarovia die forever and bring it back under the name of New Sarovia.

To be continued.....