I'll be passive working on this. -Fessler

Beginnings Edit

Samuel Connor joined graal sometime in 2010. He was a great fighter, and a master of the english language. As the years went on, people such as Troubadour, Xinke, and even Harau Bacsey would describe him as a "god among men."

Samuel Connors first appointment was as the lieutenteantnte grerneal of the "1st stateateb irgadege." Auel Vist had the regiment commisioned personally, in honor of the legend Samuel Connor. Samuel served Auel with honor and dignity, however he realized that Auel had become a different man, and how the war of paranoia changed him. He remarked "no auel fuk u" several times before rebelling against the State, sometime around 2012.

As the earlier paragraphs state, this part of Samuels history is fairly vague. Little is known about him besides his legendary rebellion, which smashed the State in half. Samuels "Antie staterea infafntrni" brigades flanked, outmanuevered, and outgunned opposing State forces. by the peak of the rebellion, Samuel averaged almost 100 players online at a time, which essentially meant he averaged half or more of the servers average online count. Despite this, however, Auel was a god when it came to hacking (auel is asian, super smart.)

In the battle of Graal City, Samuel launched over 200 soldiers into Auels positions in Graal City. State Soldiers were massacarred, and General Viral CrUeL holed up the survivors into the arena. Auel Vist however, disguised himself as a typical Asian salesman and started speaking in his language or some shit, tricking Samuel temporarily. When Samuel realized it was a strange looking Asian however, it was too late, as Auel created his Samueu-MAgieka-Mana-Sara-Waifu powers he got from anime onto Samuel, defeating him and his army immediately. However, Samuel managed to turn into a statue in Onnet Town, while he prepares his powers.

2016 Edit

By 2016, Samuel had cemented himself as a very important cog in the community. So much so that he named himself an Auel. Auel Vist himself did not oppose this, and encouraged the community to welcome the new overlord. In December, Samuel Himioto decided to further extend his legacy when he created the "first himioto infrantre". The guild would prove to be one of the most popular guilds of the time, with many community members joining him. His rank structure was unique, including ranks such as "lutenant grengral" and "mister sargant". All in all, the guild proved to be very innovative. Later that month, Samuel decided to find a romantic partner. He decided that one person wasn't enough so he contacted everyone in the community to gauge interest. To nobody's surprise both men and woman alike flocked to the opprotunity to be with him.


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