This is the history of the legendary Ryzallion Magnus whom many know nothing about. Of his accomplishments, positions, and roles, a few include: OG of the Royal Guard and all other Imperias, Leader of an 80 hour guild that he has always been leader of which is now titled, "The Imperian Guard", Commander of the Imperian Guard of the last Imperias, Blacksmith (creator of multiple swords and shields for himself and various others), one of the positioned Leads in the 20k hours guild Chain of Memories (the guild with the highest number of guild tower hours), one of the positioned Leads in the 1k hours guild Black Legion, one of the positioned Leads in the 1k hours guild Sassafras. Owner of the 5k hours Chain of Memories hat, Owner of the 1k hours Black Legion hat, Owner of the 1k hours iBall hat, Owner of the 1k hours Sassafras hat. 80k+ pks, 27k+ bks, 1155-493 spar record.

I do not post this in anyway to brag upon myself, I am only posting it so that those who do not know what I have done may know. I hope you enjoy.

Ryzallion's Beginnings

Ryzallion first started playing Graal Online Classic around April of 2011. Knowing barely nothing about the world of Graal, Ryzallion began exploring. He learned that slashing grass and bushes with his sword earned him money and he quickly learned that killing other players was quite fun. Especially when they would get mad and take it offensively. So, right from the get-go Ryzallion knew he was a knight, but he did not have a leader or anyone to lead. He ended up meeting Eazallar Rallazae. Eazallar was leader of the guild Sorcerer's Alliance, it didn't have any active players, but Eazallar recruited Ryzallion and Ryzallion joined. Eazallar taught Ryzallion the basics of the world of Graal. He taught him that a horse would make him faster and it could breathe fire to make him more money. He also showed him all the secret places of Graal that would give him a free gold or red gralat. He taught him that a lantern could take him special places such as the other side of Deadwood (which no longer exists) and Snowtown. Eazallar taught Ryzallion all types basics and because of this he honored Eazallar with his only honor point (which also no longer exist). Out of all the things Eazallar taught Ryzallion, the most important to Eazallar was his gift to deceive. Eazallar taught Ryzallion how to kidnap players and make them work as slaves for him (prior to the out button, the only way out of a person house was through the door so Eaz would simply block the door with furniture). He would have them farm for him until it was either good enough for Eaz or until they unstuck themselves which quite sadly a lot of them forgot existed. He also would create fake code shops that would require 10-20 bombs in his farm for them to enter only to discover there were no codes at all. He used various other schemes and made quite a lot of money. Ryzallion on the other hand was not very fond of the scams. He did try them a few times but he did not find it honorable and decided to stop.

Ryzallion one day informed Eazallar that he had enough gralats to form his own guild and was curious if Eazallar would like to be allies. Eazallar agreed and Immense Knights was born. Immense Knights would not become very successful until later on. Even so, Ryzallion carried on as a knight. One day Eazallar noticed Ryzallion stats and said, "You have over 300 kills?! You can enter Sardons Tower!" This was very exciting, Ryzallion never even knew there was a place that required kills to enter, he just killed for fun. At that time it was around May of 2011 and Ryzallion had around 700-800 kills. Ryzallion continued on pking and exploring and other graal activities until he found his purpose in late July 2011.

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