The Vadim Stratocracy



Leader: Grand Marshal General, Clovis



Vadim Armed Forces



Leader: Grand Marshal General, Clovis





Type: Stratocracy




[5]Codename: Maskirovka





Territorial Command, Overall Command: T.V.S


Military, Civil Command: V.A.F


| T.V.S |   (signature)[0]



Ranks: [0]


-Grand Marshall General

-Supervising General

-Marshal General

-Director General


-Colonel General




-Lieutenant General

-Major General

-Brigadier General





-Lieutenant Colonel



-First Lieutenant

-Second Lieutenant




-Master Sergeant

-Staff Sergeant

-1st Sergeant



Non Commissioned Officers



-Lance Corporal

-Private First Class





Headquarters: Undefined


Approach: [3]


Officers pay 2000 graalts to be apart of the government. But get paid 500 graalts for being in the army

Citizens with mandatory and/or voluntary military service, or who have been honorably discharged, 

have the right to elect and/or govern. 

Squads: Squads will consist of 3-5 men led by a Sergeant. Each squad will have a serial number i.e FS6631 

There will be two main squads. Field Squads identified by FS and Support Squads identified by SS


Vadim Defense Division[4]


There will be a military police core. Officers who will do the main part Of setting issues within a unit or guild assigned to them. They will be the department of defense or the V.D.D

All issues are to be dealt with by them only. Officers may recommend someone for a demotion, discharge, Or any other disciplinary action. But it will only be carried out if the V.D.D finds it a valid reason.

The head of the V.D.D will be selected directly by the Grand Marshal. And must keep the V.D.D police force to a minimum of 5 respected, loyal officers. And be on at least once a day. The V.D.D Director General will be required to uniform the V.D.D and keep them active. Solving problems. Civil and Military. The V.D.D will be in charge of maintaining discipline. Such as standard military etiquette, failure to do so will result in a inspection from the Grand Marshall or one of his chosen officials.

The V.D.D will be stationed in each guild. Senior V.D.D officers will have the ability to kick But it must be for a valid reason. Any in-fracture regardless of how small must be investigated with a V.D.D officer and the units Commander.

(Vadim Defense Division)

The officers will be identified as Officer (name) and will wear black and silver uniforms.




When a officer of higher rank should enter a room. The highest ranking NCO there is to say "(Attention!) and everyone is to stand at attention (Strait Vertical line) until the officer tells them otherwise.

Officers are always to be addressed by (Rank, [Name]) when in guild chat. When in a private conversation with the officer you are to call then sir. Anything else is prohibited.


Standard punishments must be executed as followed.






Mass training will be held two weeks before officially commencing, at that time officers may be approached with government ranks and receive joint training for both. The Government ranks will be a side job whereas the military would be a full job. You will be offered a government job but you must pay to maintain it.

There will be two types of officers. Staff officers. And Combat Officers. Staff officers will work from a office in command. Where as combat officers will lead a unit and work in the field

All guilds will be operated by the Grand Marshal and his alternate accounts to avoid them being banned or misused.

Any promotions sergeant or above must go through the Grand Marshal General. Any discipline must be handled by the V.D.D, No one will be given the ability to kick or change the guild news. Not even the Commander of the unit to avoid abuses or treason. The Commanding officer of a unit however holds authority to demote his own members. Anyone elses goes to the V.D.D

This Will focus on mass expansion. To get the necessary numbers to conduct military activities. The goal is to have a minimum of 30 military members on at a time at all times. Not just at a peak. The Command will be allied to 5 divisions. Each division will be allied to 4 battalions. Each Battalions will be allied to 4 squads. They will only ally their command guilds. Not the other units.

Each member will only have 1 tag. So Division members will not have battalion tags and so fourth. It is not restricted to what you can join. But they are restricted by which rank and who leads them. Squads will be led by a sergeant, Battalions by a Captain. Divisions by a Colonel

Due to lack of staffing execution will proceed as follows. Command will be made. Followed with 5 divisions. Two at a time being commissioned. Those officers will start as captains. When all 5 are finished. The guilds first commissioned will start making battalions. Unallying a division for each one made. As they go into each tier of a unit their rank goes up a grade. If they just made their division they will be a captain. When they go into tier two which would be a battalion their rank will become major and when they have squads they will be colonels. That way division leaders will be ranked according to efficiency.


Vadim Communications Department




The V.C.D will be led by a Colonel. To keep communications between all the units because guild chat will only be heard by the command guilds. A example is for high command to get a order down to a battalion. They would send a Communications officer or a "runner" to deliver and receive messages. Be it by PM or actually going into the field to receive them.

They will also be in charge of writing down what is said in meetings. Keeping official military records such as serial numbers. Promotions and demotions and so forth.


Serial numbers[2]


All Units, Military Members, Missions ect. will have a Serial Number so we know what it is regardless of what others call it. So it does not get lost in the records. Units will be required to put their Serial Number in their status. The rest will be in their dossier.

All the records will be held in a online database only accessible by the V.C.D and will be restricted to only a select few. The records will be labeled as "Name/Serial Number."


Vadim Civilian Service [0]




The V.C.S is what will command the civilian authority. This Office will be in charge of managing the civil guilds under our control. Although civilians will be subjected to military authority and laws this will act as the main Vadim presence within the civil guilds. They will be in charge of organizing events for the civilian guilds. Making Civil services such as a bank. A transit station. Possible baby slavery and so on. Accessible to the civilians. They will be in charge of acquiring civilian guilds and civilians. Along with keeping them actively involved in Vadim but also loyal.


Vadim Weapons Division[6]


The V.W.D will be headed by a Colonel. In Charge of discovering new weapons in the forms of hacks, glitches and general ways to fight in the game.




V.D.D-(Director General Vulnus/Director General Auel)

V.W.D- Colonel Roxas

V.C.S- Major Fessler

V.C.D- Captain Baran


Rules and Laws of Vadim[0]


1. You must always obey your commanding officer

2. You may not associate yourself with babies or any anti-Vadim guild

3. If a V.D.D Officer says anything regardless of what officer ordered it unless it is the Grand Marshal's orders. They must be obeyed. Should it be a questionable order you may report it to the ahead of the V.D.D

4. Misuse of authority may result in a dishonorable discharge. In that time you may not be recruited back for up to 3 days. In which joining back you start at the rank of private.

5. Any type of disrespect will warrant a V.D.D officer to become involved.

6. Any etiquette breach will result in a V.D.D officer to get involved.

7. You must remain respectable even when off duty.

8. You may not hold more then 1 Vadim tag, The V.D.D and senior officers have a exception.

9. Holding any anti-Vadim tag will result in a investigation and a possible dishonorable discharge.

10. Rank faking or pretending to have/be anything you are not authorized to be/ have will result in a dishonorable discharge.


Security Levels[1]


Everything has a security level and each rank holds a security level. A individuals level may rise and fall based on actions. Anything level 2 and above is classified secret. A soldiers level will be marked with a star * next to their name or to their rank. In game it will be marked in their status. Anyone caught upping their security level without given permission will be dishonorably discharged. Ranks and their levels are as follows

Clearance Ranks[1]


-Grand Marshall General**********[10]

-Marshal General**********[10]

-Director General**********[10]


-Colonel General********[9]




-Lieutenant General*******[7]

-Major General*******[7]

-Brigadier General******[6]





-Lieutenant Colonel*****[5]



-First Lieutenant****[4]

-Second Lieutenant****[4]




-Master Sergeant***[3]

-Staff Sergeant***[3]

-1st Sergeant**[2]



Non Commissioned Officers



-Lance Corporal*[1]

-Private First Class*[1]






Only a member of the High Command may up security levels to security level 5 and for valid reason. The V.D.D has a default clearance number of 5. The V.C.D must have a list of anyone should they have a different clearance number then their ranks determine. Meetings will no longer be held by ranks but by clearance levels based on what is said in it. Officers have no say in what clearance level information is instead it is determined by the V.D.D.




Each battalion will be given a base of operations distributed by the high command. They are expected to occupy it. Station guards patrols and so on. Should they be unable to they will loose the base and a V.D.D investigation will take place on the officers abilities.

°Grand Marshall General Clovis's remarks,

-"I want everyone to know that they are held to a high standard. That those who hold a job are expected to do it. If you cannot do a task assigned to you then you have been placed into the wrong rank/and or unit. And the V.D.D is expected to find all inefficient officers. This is by no way a personal reflection but it is how things will be done."

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