Joined the militaries in 2012, Mevarus or Orbitus, his name in 2013, found refuge in FoV. An NCO for months, he later then climbed the ranks and became one of the 4 commanders of FoV's divisions. He was dedicated and serious, believing that loyalty and discipline are the only things a soldier needs. He made diplomatic ties with other guilds and secured FoV's position of the State's ally by advising Wushen not to rake any actions that would lead to a war against the State. Led wars and campaigns against FoV's enemies, Mevarus gained support in the guild and used this influence to change the guild when Wushen started hat chasing. He, alongside Ash Lightwind and a few more influential members, decided to have a coup and seize control. Enraged, Wushen quickly took his loyalists and started a towering-based guild named "FoV War". Ever since then, FoV was torn apart due to Mevarus' ambition to keep FoV a military and Wushen's dream of giving FoV a towering hat.

Mevarus returned after months of inactivity and found a rally of a guild called "New Sarovian Empire". Seeing that Xiao, his close friend by that time, was part of it, he joined. He was able to be assigned as a Sergeant Major on his first day by trying to impress John Mako. By the following week, he became temporary Colonel of the 4th Artillery Division, with the help of Xiao. He was, after a few weeks, demoted to Lieutenan after Dimitri's return but he continued his service to the crown. He didn't care who he was dealing with, he followed the chain of command strictly. Discipline was a must in his assigned division, gathering Constantine Mako's attention and receiving orders directly from him. Like all military guilds, Sarovia fell, though due to John kicking everyone out of all the divisions because Outlaw got the crown.

After Sarovia fell, he joined various "notable" militaries, using his old ranks as a reason why he must have a high rank. Muzak was one of the first few to offer Mevarus a high position. Of course, being new to Classic's "politics", he joined. This is where he started receiving large amounts of offers for starting guilds. Being a high commander in different guilds, getting a rank was easier for him, giving him an advantage. He garnered family names from multiple big figures (I don't really care about them, I only use Avidius and Vaughn) as to bribe him to join them. This is where he became more and more familiar of how it was to be a "leader". He loved it and became arrogant. Yet, he didn't allow his arrogance to be his downfall. In his last few guilds before Communist Aurea, he went pretty serious and became General and Prince in most of those monarchy militaries, even usurping the General position from Leon in one of Morzan's quite successful one month military. He met his match when he joined Aurea, Kevlar offered him the Colonel position and told Mevarus, "take it or leave it". He accepted the offer, betraying Muzak's recently created Reinhard Empire


Mevarus' time in Aurea was more or less his real challenge as a Graal Military officer. He faced more challenges than he ever faced in 2 years, getting maneuvered out of his position by "promoting" him to Colonel-General because they suspected him as being a traitor. At first, he felt insulted but sooner or later used the position in his own advantage, gaining the officers' support. He became Commissar of the State Security Committee after Tyrell left (or got kicked?). When the transition came in, Kevlar made him minister of finance, intelligence, foreign affairs, and state affairs. When Kevlar was on the verge of leaving, he thought Mevarus would be his suitable successor but Mevarus didn't gain the court's support so Azrael won. Before Kevlar left, he made sure that Mevarus would still get something from being loyal, making him a Vaughn III and naming him Prince of all of Aurea. Then he left after a month of Azrael's reign.


After leaving Aurea, Mevarus, now known as Nylius or Nyl, began taking advisory roles, rather than field positions. He moved back and forth between Classic and West, especially during the times when Kevlar needed his help. He deleted GraalOnline Classic somewhere between July and September, only to install it again on November and actively play when he joined the Free States, which is December 23 in his timezone(PH).

Names and Families

The names I've used, for those who think my identity is an issue:

  • Orbitus
  • Atherios
  • Edron
  • Gabrien
  • Mevarus
  • Nylius

Families I'm supposedly part of:

  • Bloodbane
  • Avidius
  • Kusan (Muzak)
  • Rhodes (Donald, 2016)
  • Han (Xiao, 2017)
  • Vaughn (Kevlar, 2016)
  • Lucero (Nate, 2017)
  • Vivre (Paw, 2016)
  • Ragnar (Arno, 2016)
  • Markov (Morzan, 2016)
  • Cerenth (Donald, Cerenthia)
  • Magnus (Happy Marriage with Xinke <3, 2017)

In the end, no matter how big or many the family name you have, it won't really matter unless you made something notable yourself, with your name. These family names doesn't really give you any real power or influence over others, but your names matter. The name you made for yourself is your asset, not the family one given by someone else. I, for one, have not made a name for myself and I am not a "major figure" in the community.