The following is a list of State Medals and their recipients. The medals were designed and implemented by Roanoke Han.

Major Medals

  • Order of The State--Awarded by Auel himself to a soldier above all others, showing leadership skill, fighting skill, loyalty, and other attributes. This is the most distinguished medal in the State.
  • Order of The Iron Crown – Awarded to officers for showing exceptional skill in leadership.
  • The Silver Cross – Awarded to Lt. Generals and Generals. [Recipients: Xinke, Aga, Rohan]
  • Distinguished Command Cross – Similar to the Victory Medal, the DCC is awarded to Commanders and up, whose leadership skills were deemed to be exceptionally valuable in winning a war.
  • Auelian Commitment Medal—Awarded to any State soldier who has shown extreme commitment to furthering the cause of the State. [Recipients: Savus]
  • Distinguished Sacrifice Medal--Awarded to any State soldier who has taken a major sacrifice for the well-being or betterment of the State.

Minor Medals

  •  Auelian Service Medal—Given on recommendation to any State soldier, recognizing them for their distinguished value as a military asset. [Recipients: Harriskar]
  • The Veteran’s Cross—Awarded to every active participant in a battle after the battle has been won.
  • Auelian Victory Medal – Awarded to State soldiers recognized as an exceptionally valuable soldier in a war; Awarded after a war is won.
  • Order of Han--Awarded to any State soldier for showing exceptional skill in sparring.
  • The Vist Cross--Awarded to any State member in a department for going above and beyond expectations for their job.
  • Order of The Eagle – Awarded for showing exceptional skill in battle.
  • The Matrix Cross--Awarded to a soldier that has shown skill in hacking, and used that skill for the betterment of the State. [Recipients: Arkantos]


  • The Red Ribbon—Awarded to exceptional NCOs on recommendation from superiors.
  • State Activity Ribbon--Click here.
  • State Tournament Ribbon--Awarded to the winner of a sparring tournament. [Recipients: Irish/Sicarius, Arkantos]
  • The Blue Ribbon –Awarded to State members recognized as a loyal long-time member of The State. Cannot be awarded to people who have ever joined anti-State militaries in a period where a State has existed. [Recipients: Vulnus, Arkantos, Raiden, Nazheek, Savus, Morzan, Rohan, Aga]