Because of all the hype about personal information or whatever, I figured I'd throw together a few tips for keeping your IP and other personal information hidden. It's worth noting that there's not much a person can do with an IP. They could DDOS you if they bought a booter, figure out your Internet Service Provider, and what State/Province you live in. That's about it.

IP Tips

  • When you email someone, they can trace your IP using that email.
  • When you log onto a Graal server, be it on PC Client or the iServers, staff members can view your IP. This includes Dev servers and the normal servers on the PC Client.
  • Do not click on shortened links! Tinyurl and links can be used to hide IP tracers and redirect you to a seemingly harmless website.
  • When you post on a forum website, such as Graalians or, forum moderators and admins can view your IP.
  • To hide your IP on this or any other Wikia, you must register an account. Any edits or comments done unregistered displays your IP publicly. More information on this here.

Other Tips

  • Never give out your real name. It can be as simple as knowing what State/Province you live in and your first name to find out who you are and a lot more information about you.
  • Delete as much as your online presence as you can. Any pages you no longer use, such as old blogs, old social media pages, and stuff like that, log back into them and find a way to delete them. The less of you that's out there, the better.
  • If you give someone a picture that you took that's posted somewhere on the internet, they can reverse image search it and find the source.

Have something to add? Post it in the comments and I'll add it to the article.

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