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Start Dates:

1. February to March 2014 (Classic start date)

2. April 2014 (First Delterian start date)

3. June 2014 (Second and current Delterian start date)

The Great Migration (March 20th - May 2nd)Edit


John in his customized red Elysian armor and red war headband.

The Great Migration was the bridge between Elysia moving from GraalOnline Classic to GraalOnline Delteria.  What made The Great Migration so difficult was the fact that Delteria was only available on Facebook and Playerworlds, no mobile release whatsoever.  Around 20 Elysians managed to move to Delteria, not all completely however.  Those who made it include; John himself, Alyx, Jordon, Jermaine, Grizz, Sol, Monkey, Irish, Eaglevision, Raiden, Julez, Kusan, and James K. Dolan. John began raiding dungeons with Kusan while Elysia was in its early days on Delteria, and he left one night. He never came back on using that account. John was originally the Prince of Elysia in Classic, and obviously did make it to Delteria, but due to the loss of his account he took a long break.

Prosperitas Era (May 2nd - Present) Edit

When John returned in the middle of the Prosperitas Era he kicked into high gear, making himself a forum profile, profile picture, a page on this wiki, and a new Delteria account. He immediately began grinding and got back to where he was before: Level 4. He exceeded his old account's feats with remarkable speed, obtaining a bow and basic sword within minutes and finishing quest after quest after quest. Kusan hasn't been all that active on Delteria lately, so John continues to wait for Kusan to give him a tag. He is active on the forums and this wiki and is always ready for action.


While ruthless, John aspires to always get things done. Ever since his first entrance into Elysia in the range of February to March 2014, John has always had a staunch loyalty towards Elysia and is known to defend it passionately in all situations. John is a mature leader, however he does not like when people are immature. John is known for having an anger complex which, when maxed out, will cause John to go berserk. Fortunately this rarely happens. John almost always maintains the status of being cool, calm and collected. He is generally fun to hang out with and is respected by many.

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