About *Jin. JIN WILL ACTUALLY WRITE THIS. THIS WAS NOT WRITTEN BY HIM IN ANYWAY. started off as a small player, farming, towering and the odd time pking. During his time playing he noticed a small rally being held near the old castle region by a group of soldiers, this of course was when Auel made one his 1st "State" guilds. On his journey he slowly ranked up making his way to Sergeant then a tiny bit higher once and a while. He earned it through persistence and determination. Jin was very loyal to Auel and the State itself. He respected the members within and didn't ever make a commotion, unless for good reason. Jin went by the name of "Ààzer" before he switched over. While in his time of the State he encountered many small skirmishes and battles, many of which took 30 seconds to settle out. Many tried forming rebellions against the State in protest, which didn't last very long. Being in the older generation of the State meant that family was important to him as he did not have much growing up in the real world so thr closest thing he has was virtual reality. He became many last names and growing with his families such as; Tan, Fang, Maphasy and later Kusan (appointed by Muzak). During his time before he gave up he had several friends, many of which he trusted dearly. His friends include; Orfeo, John Atlas, Pierce Vist, Auel Vist, Viral Cruel, Winry, Bliss, Peter, Artix, Grizz, Treize, Muzak, Mathiveas, Rose and many more to say. During the time around 2014 Jin decided to give up after no success without the State as it was his life and blood. The other failing guilds were just a guild to be in a socialize in, see "family" and have fun making GFX.He’s rather ‘racist’ towards new gens nowadays and has gone inactive.


Now *Jin's achievements all tied in with the State. His only other sucession was with the Maphasy 1k hat. Anyways, *Jin lead many State Command guilds or regiments with his allies and pals. The most honorable being; The Commander of The State Northern Command, Regiment Holder of The IV State Regimen, SAFF Commander, HTP Fleet Admiral, USR (1st Generation) and respected State member.