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"James K. Dolan is a great and loyal friend and officer, he is one of the greatest hackers in the Community." - Lyman Dolan

James Dolan started playing Graal in 2011,


James Dolan has been a officer in many militaries in his career, led a semi-succesful guild called "The Reich of Bunicken" and has made many allies. He joined his first military in 2012, his rank was uncertain and he doesn't remember his history in Imperial much.

After Imperial, he joined the State in an Era before the SAFF, he was ranked Private, when the SAFF came he left. After the SAFF he quit for awhile.

After he returned, he and Fessler became very close and he joined Amestris, he was in it for several months, and due to his close friendship with Fessler, he became the second in command. And after awhile he got bored and left.

After Amestris, James Dolan joined the State once more, this time, he would join the Senior Staff as a Colonel with his close friends, this was his highest rank in the State he would ever recieve.

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