Pre-Military Era Edit

Hythes (Mostly known as Finnick) Towered with many towering guilds from December of 2012 through late 2013. He would usually join towering guilds when they were in their late stage (600-800 hours). He was always on and off, Guild hopping between towering guilds he found several the he enjoyed and stayed with. He left the towering community (around 500 hours) for something different. Something he would soon enjoy a lot more.

Bavaria Edit

Finnick joined Bavaria in 2014 during it's late stage after seeing a recruitment rally. He as a Private did not do much, but made a lot of friends such as Low Mako. After being in Bavaria for a few days he struggled in getting promoted, but eventually did and made it to Corporal. After attending training, recruitment rallies, and meetings Finnick got promoted more by his second week in, and made it to Sergeant Major. He did not rank up from Sergeant Major because Bavaria fell.

Back to Towering Edit

Finnick after Bavaria got bored of Militaries and decided to go back to towering, he towered with a friend named Sora. He met Sora when he was wandering around in Snow Town. Sora showed Finnick many things in Classic and helped him with quests for a while. He stayed with Sora until the got their hat and reached 1000 hours. Where he then went to R3dbull with his friend Cherry and Kelvar (who lead the Towering guild).

He joined R3dBull around 200 hours of holding a tower. Their Base was Sardon's tower. Which for Finnick was hard to get to. So instead he went to Deadwood Tower with Cherry so they could hold two forts. He eventually got enough kills to go in Sardon's and joined Kelvar up there (whom he became great friends with until after R3dbull hit 1000 hours). In the time around 500 hours of holding forts, Finnick left and just walked around Classic trying to find things to do. He had tried sparring and sucked ass, he had done Pking but got bored. So Finnick went back to R3dBull around 800 hours of holding forts where he met his new friend Ori (known as Orixious now) who encouraged Finnick to help R3dBull get to 1000 hours.

Low's Bavaria Edit

Finnick in late 2015 found Low who had made a new Bavaria. Finnick joined as a Private and met Aizen. Aizen who had an interest in Finnick, helped him out and got him to Sergeant where he taught Finnick a few thing to help him and made Finnick memorize formations and commands that then got him up to Lieutenant. When Finnick joined he came to find Bavaria again in it's late stage, where he found out the Low was leaving to spy on an enemy guild. Low as he left, put Aizen in charge and Aizen took power and lead it for a few days..Aizen then left to help Low making Bavaria leaderless. After the guild fell, Finnick explored Classic alone and found this hat shop that sold this really "cool" masks. He saved up enough and got it and then went to the witch's hut to sell the last of his bugs. When he entered it was really laggy and he got stuck in the bottom left corner of the Hut behind a few jars. He did everything he could to get out, but could not. So he decided to leave Graal completely. After a month he had returned to find their was an Unstick Button which he used to get out. He found Aizen who had started a new guild.

Piorus Edit

Finnick had just game back after a month of inactivity, missing Halloween and finding Aizen. Aizen had taken Finnick (who had then changed his name to Hermes.) and trained him, Aizen became his mentor and worked hard to mold him into a leader. He put Hermes in a officer position of Lieutenant and Hermes stuck with it. Hermes met a lady known now as Nero. She hated Hermes, she despised him and showed her hatred all the time. Then one day in November, Hermes slipped up in Aizen's Guild House spar room. Hermes had gotten himself discharged, in which he was greatly upset and did everything he could do to get back. After a day Aizen had snapped and let Hermes join again, Hermes found a new respect for Aizen and appreciated it. After being back Hermes was molded into something better, he ranked up quickly and got to Brigadier General before Piorus fell in Late December early January.

Inactivity Edit

Hermes had gone inactive after Christmas he had to focus on school and his work until towards the end of the year. He came back at the end of AFO and joined The Republic.

The Republic Edit

Hermes joined The Republic under the leadership of Auel. He was given the rank Corporal when he joined and ranked up to Lieutenant within the week. Hermes showed skills and potential while in the Republic. Here he learned how to train soldiers better with Xinke's Training guide and his skills that Aizen had taught him, He made it to Captain until Auel left which put Logan and Rohan In charge. He stayed a Captain until the fall of the Republic.

Kalvacia Edit

After the Republic, Hermes met a man named Ian and a man named Azrael, They had an Idea along with Aizen to create Kalvacia a guild lead by Ian. Ian was the Emperor, Aizen was the General, Hermes was the, Lt. General, and Azrael was the Major General. The four kept the empire thriving for a while, building guilds and expanding to a second part of the empire. After a month and a half, Ian went inactive and had been busy. Aizen took over as Emperor and Hermes as General, while Azrael was left in the dust, so he left. Aizen later then let Hermes have a go after about 3 days. Ian said to them "Kalvacia will not die, until I say so."

When Hermes took over he got a semi-broken guild. It was losing its first part of the Empire and the second was stable. When Hermes took over he fixed it up slowly until after another month in a half it grew inactive and Peter had built Malum which took a big a mount of it's members. Hermes then found out around Mid-may that their was going to be a Rebellion against Peter and Malum. He had been requested by Sherlock to help support M-21 as a man not as a guild. Hermes helped and fought long alongside the other their on York bridge. After a lot of back and fourth, Hermes decided that he was tired. He felt sorry for Malum and wanted to help and even did. But in the end he betrayed Peter many times and joined Sherlock. Hermes told Ian that he needed to let it die, that it had to end and it did. Hermes announced the fall of Kalvacia and in dismay joined Sarovia. After Kalvacia died he had a quick job in between all of this. It was to take down a guild called the Fourth Reich made by Azrael, which was not know but challenged Kalvacia, it had many members and four branches so Aizen sent Hermes to join, Hermes joined and got powers and kicked everyone in it. He took it down with manipulation and with lies. After doing this job Aizen gave Hermes the family name of Holmes.

New Sarovian Empire Edit

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