Guide Them, by Nyl Vaughn

A response to Zakiev's "The Younger Generation".

We can't really say that we shouldn't help the newer and younger generation because most of the newer aspirants are, more or less, irrational. If we let them do their thing, then the community will become a meme more than ever. You might say that they'll learn from their mistakes. I want to ask you, how? How will they learn if all they do is indoctrinate stupidity and mindless loyalty to men. Our/your generation is different from them and I am VERY PROUD to say that we are not the most dumb of all the generations that has and will come. We think and we do learn from our mistakes but what about those Valerians or those Crawfords? You can't expect someone who thinks they're great because of their name to lead and create a more intelligent bunch. With that being said, are you willing to let them dominate the community that you yourselves shaped to become what it is today. Aside from that, is it fine for all of you to see Germain hailed by his men as the most intelligent and supreme leader? Do any of you want to see Luis Valeria proclaiming himself as the epitome of military dominance? No one of us wants to see that happening anytime soon. Should we not help the newer generation to become more open-minded and guide them to the path of our vision of the PERFECT community, then we just wasted all the efforts and sacrifices that all of us did for the sake of our so-called "home" in Graal. I say we should help the future by educating the present.