I'm pretty bored, to be honest. I play European War 4 a bit when i'm bored; but rarely. I also play graal when i'm bored. This is the product of me attempting to mix the 2 together. I'm going to fairly shittily edit; and throw together, some military trading cards. they are still prototypes as well, but it'll probably end up a interesting thing.

-Sol Fessler

Classification Edit

Given that in the card, there are many pieces; let's go over them. To the most obvious thing first, the portrait and name of the individual is placed on the left of the card. To the diagnol right of the card; sits the "equip area." The equip area holds up to two GFX creations the individual has made; not categorized or specified by ranking or any basis. Further to the right is the "ACHIEVEMENTS" section. It is of course optional; but would house achievements of the individual. Then of course, below the actual portrait and name is the "quotes" section. This section would house quotes of the individual. The more complicated part falls into the actual starred rankings, which I will go over now. All stars go up to 7 stars.

INFANTRY WITH BAYONET SYMBOL- General overall command skill. Generally oversees the ability to lead already existing guilds or units. In example, Auel would receive a high skill in this zone for his earlier works; because he lead the State very well in 2014 and the years beforehand.

ARTILLERY CANNON SYMBOL- General overall hacking, or glitching skill. Someone with maxed out stars would be like Auel Vist or Morzan; while someone with no stars would be your average joe player.

STACKED UP FORT WITH FLAG SYMBOL- General overall basing/towering skill. Someone who is skilled in towering tactics, fort combat, and defense would receive a higher skill.

LEGS SYMBOL- General overall spar skill.

HORSE SYMBOL- General overall horse combat skill.

BOAT SYMBOL- General overall GFX skill. Someone who exceeds in GFX would receive a high rating; while someone who does not would receive little to no stars.

WEIGHTS SYMBOL- General overall veteranship in the community. One star per year.

BULLSEYE SYMBOL- General overall skill in hosting trainings, and activities. Someone who sticks to hosting flank formation trainings would receive a lower skill then someone who attempts, or successfully is able to host unique activities.


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