January Edit

  • Auel, led the Republic, which lasted just under a month, starting as a Loyalist Faction in late December 2016
  • Azrael Kusan, continued leading Aurea despite some problems
  • Sol Fessler, led a GST team but was banned, he also lead such guilds as Fessler Dynasty. The Faction, the Graalian Empire alongside Arolus, and GFC. Most notably lead Avalon, however it was short lived and got deleted by admins.
  • Constantine/Arolus, returned to lead Sarovia, after it fell he became Arolus, led the Graalian Empire with Sol F., and created the Vasa family
  • Choco Bites*, led The Evoran Empire which lasted at least a month but fell when Sarovia Launched.

February Edit

  • Muzak Kusan, founder and Master General of the Altrium Republic.
  • Shade, Empress of the Espherian Empire.

March Edit

  • Jake C. Wulf, currently leads Guilnean.
  • Carolus Vasa, Currently leads Court of New Sarovia
  • Joe Kyro, created a new iteration of Kyronia.

April Edit

  • Auel, created a new State that was set to launch in May.

May Edit

  • Morzan, created and led the Unified States of Graal and revived the Warrant Officers.

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