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A Wikia Update from Kevlar Vaughn (21/04/2017, 12:00 AM)

Due to the deterioration of the Wikia administration team, and my recent return to Classic, I've decided for the time being to shoulder the moderation of the Wikia until a time in which I'm rendered incapable of doing so any longer arrives. I will not be making any major reforms, starting any new Wikia projects, or attempt to bring the wikia up to date in depth. However, I've decided to ensure the Wikia is secure under proper and vigilante moderation for the forseeable future.

Kevlar Regium Vaughn, Fourth and Acting Overseer

Quick Resources

  • Because of the whole personal information hype train, I have created a page with some tips on keeping your personal information safe. Check it out here.
  • Check out the forum here.
  • Want to get involved in the wiki? Click here. Also, check out Tips on Writing Your Page.
  • Have a question? Check out the Wikia FAQ.


For a complete list of people and families on the wiki, click here.

Military Guilds & Organizations

For a complete list of militaries with or without a wiki page, click here.

Notable Conflicts


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