Who am I? Edit

The answer to this would differ from person to person. I am both liked and disliked. I've made many friends but also many enemies during my career.

Where did it begin? Edit

I joined military out of interest, that military was the State. In 2015 I was only known in the GFX and PK communities.

After the fall of the State, I took a long break from the game, rejoining july, after the launch of the Republic. I instantly joined once I knew of its presence. After joining, I rose to the rank of Lieutenant leading the 2nd regiment with Captain Dread. Dread was, and has always been a good mate, We would stay up late messing around. It was a great time.

After Auel left, I was a Colonel, but the republic fell quickly. The strong military it once was, fell apart instantly. I left in the final wave, as many left before. With several of my soldiers, I joined Sehzan, I was with my mate Paynius. I became a member of the Sundered Guard, soon after it became the most powerful military. Sadly, the military became inactive. Being tired and frustrated of the emptiness, I joined Crawford, the close ally of Sehzan.

After weeks of Crawford, I became third in command, leading assaults against enemies of Crawford. When I wasn't in wars, I was handling military relations and diplomatic matters. In my opinion, Crawford was one of my favourite militaries. But Crawford left the military community, becoming a family instead of the fighting force it was. I joined Guilnea, where I helped By continuing military relations. During my time in Guilnea, I created a shield, a blue recolour of the Crawford shield, as most militaries in the Grand Alliance shared the same styled bodies and shields.

After the fall of the Grand Alliance, it was a great time of peace. No wars, no fighting, nothing at all. It came to an end though, militaries started to spring up quickly once there was conflict. I joined Choco BItes* during the launch of The Nation of Oridian. Sadly it lasted only a week, Sarovia took over and destroyed it after several wars that lasted hours. I joined Kyronia, creating the naval guild where I became the Admiral, also becoming the creator of the guild art.

I left kyronia because of the timezone issue, where I then observed the creation of Azlam, a joke that turned into a military. I then created the Auelist order with Artis and Craig. Once Azrael noticed the cult, he challenged us to a war, Yorktown becoming the battleground. We were gaining soldiers at a rapid rate, we were evenly matched. The war went on, and once it ended, no winner was declared. I noticed that Auel was online. I then presented him our work. He was impressed, he then announced his support for the military. After this event, I began the production of uniform with Aizen, an old former state member. After weeks, we grew to numbers above 60. It was decided that the order would become the State Militia.

The power struggle Began. Aizen became the general as I've never wanted to be the main leader, he was voted over Craig. Craig and Aizen then fought for the rank. Eventually the militia split off and was destroyed. I later joined Sarovia becoming a devision leader, but I left some time later as Sarovia left the community like Crawford. I've never understood why they made that move, but I knew it wasn't for me.

After some time on break, I rejoined my mates Germain, Paynius, and Moose in Valeria, I made several shields, designed after riot shields.

These shields grew quite popular for a while. Valeria later became the most powerful military, but also the largest, having eighty members. The spam was ridiculous, this spam irritated many leaders to leave. Germain left to create a new military, and I left to join Choco Bites* once again in The Federation where I became one of the Colonels after creating the second regiment and also three types of uniform. I handled several things including security and military strategies. During my time there, I created several activities such as Bullrush a game involving my Spawning methods.

The federation was later decomissioned, I was quite unhappy about this. But I moved on, continuing TNO projects.

Graphics Edit

During my military career, I've created many bodies and shields.

Valerian riotshield (Insert) (Insert) (Insert)

These are a couple of my creations.

Current head of the Rogers family


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