Dozers War Room is a location in Graalonline Classic, and one of the most notable spots for Graal Military wars.


Dozers War room is directly to the left of the CTF building; north of Graal City, below a cave, to the west of Onnet, and to the East of MoD Town.

The War Room

The war room is a green field; with trees bordering it. The northern trees have chairs in them. To the south, there is a fence and a small spot that might be a viewers row. There are bushes directly infront of the exit/entrance.

Use in Graal Events

Dozers' War Room was used as a spot for a temporary sale on Graal Army themed goods, which featured many army themed hats and furniture. Many people throughout the game saw this as a gesture from the admins to the military community, as most battles took place there.


It is unknown exactly when Dozers' War Room began being used, although it is definitely sometime during 2013 or 2012. Dozers is not the only war room in the game; however its design makes it extremely popular for warring factions. One of the most notable battles ever in Graal History happened here, a 7 hour battle between the State and the united rebel factions. In the past, wars were usually made in set places. A guild officer would tell a enemy guild officer to bring his troops to a location, and they would fight. Dozers was the most popular spot for these battles, however; as time went on, battles became more and more spontaneous clashes of opposing armies; and less and less schedueled, organized fights. Fights at dozers usually followed a basic order where the 2 armies would rally in the lobby room, head all at once into the war room, and fight. When the battle was over, the armies would once again rally in the lobby, and the 2 highest ranking officers would often negotiate the terms of the battle.