Donald is a graal military veteran. Being in the community since 2011, he has definitely earned the title of experienced.  

Starting in Imperia, Donald was a very poor soldier. When he joined the first-era Arcadia, he often off tagged and disobeyed. But soon he became interested, and took things more seriously. over the course f a single year, Donald went from a lowly, annoying Private to the King of Arcadia.  

From that era of Arcadia to the 2-3 more created after it, Donald gained leadership experience. Sadly, Inactivity, inside fighting, and his own ambition dwindling, Arcadia fell, for the last real time. Donald Immediately went into anti-state guilds, the most noteworthy is WIndhelm, a Skyrim themed military that went against the sentinels. They did fall after a short time, the sentinels did their work thoroughly.  

Eventually interest was lost and Donald no longer lead great things. Maybe one day he will again. 

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