Chiang was a late-gen Military Commander. With the use of cunning and charisma, Chiang was able to establish himself as a prominent figure in the Military Community, being most notable for assisting in the creation of Communist Aurea, The Second Bacseyian Empire, and leading the M21 Resistance. Unfortunately, as Chiang's career prolonged his dedication for certain projects and Guilds faltered, as he grew ever hateful, cynical and careless.

Beginnings Edit

Alike many other players, Chiang began Graal as an avid pker and spent most of his time participating in tower guilds like UFO. Despite prior participation in the Military Community like The State, The Second Empire and a few others, Chiang really began to gain relevancy when he was discovered by Peter Rhodes in the Spring of 2015. Peter ushered him into his recently created Bavaria, and despite his lack of experience as a leader, was made a Colonel, and then a Field Marshal. Chiang's time in Bavaria allowed him to begin learning of other players, and interacting with them, especially with Regius, Sherlock and Harau.

The State & The Republic Edit

After the collapse of Bavaria, and Chiang's failed attempt at maintaining a Bavarian remnant, Chiang joined the State, and embarked on a journey to become one of the State's most powerful members.

Although he had made quick progression in the ranks with the help of his good friend Regius, his lust hadn't been satisfied, as Auel once again abandoned the State and left it to crumble to the ground.

Many other opportunities had arisen, many States rose, but Chiang's progression and slowly came to a halt.

So, once more, Chiang stopped his campaign for quasi-power within the State, and instead journeyed around, looking for other opportunities.

The May 21st Rebellion Edit

Through the cycling of several Bavarias as a Senior Officer, and exposure to a more disciplined and structured guild like the State led Chiang to adopt the idea that the Military Community needed to be purified and cleansed, ridden of socialite outsiders.

Peter established The Kingdom of Malum, and all remnants of The State were promptly stomped out. This situation, alongside his beliefs motivated him to orchestrate a Rebellion to act as a last stand for the Military community to resist Peter's firm grip, of which he called "M21" or "The May 21st Guerrilla Movement". Chiang was only able to muster four men, but decided to take a little bit of a leap of faith instead. The four rebels stormed York Town and positioned themselves, awaiting the hordes of Malum. Sure enough, a group of 20 Malum members, including Peter himself, marched into York and began massacring the Rebels. Luckily, the rebels were able to rally the remnants of the State, and slowly slowly they began to outnumber Peter's forces. Despite this overwhelming feel of pride and hope, Peter repeatedly warned Chiang, telling him that he's merely being used, and that this whole Rebellion was a mistake. Chiang brushed this off, and continued to fight. Peter called for a retreat, and Malum left York. The rebels celebrated.

After the battle, Sherlock rallied the Rebels at his Guild House, and announced that he would be re-organizing M21 into The New Sarovian Empire, under his leadership. Chiang slowly came to the realization that he was a pawn in a bigger game, and left the Rebellion, dubbing it his greatest failure.

Harau & The Bacseyians Edit

Chiang had met Harau in one of Sherlock's guilds, and had quickly become acquainted with him, finding him hilarious. Through their acquaintanceship grew a bond, and Harau had slowly introduced the traditionalist Bacseyian ideology which Chiang began to cling to. With their close friendship, Chiang kneeled to Harau, working as an apprentice, and then a right hand.

With the time spent working alongside each-other, Harau analyzed Chiang, seeing him as uncommitted and careless, openly saying he would fail the trials to become a fully fledged Bacseyian.

This fact at first infuriated Chiang like never before, because Harau's main argument was that Chiang was inactive because he was simply careless and lazy to care for the Empire he helped establish, when in reality it was the time zone differences at the moment, and the lack of access to internet which made it impossible for him to help out.

But as time passed, Chiang moved on, continuing more subtle projects in the shadows, away from everyone.

Skills and Persona Edit

Chiang is a noteworthy orator and persuader, often swaying people to his side for his own benefit. An ideal example of this is when Chiang and Sherlock both convinced the Minutemen through speech to not defect and give in to Aurea's conquest, temporarily unifying them and inspiring them.

Chiang is also noticeably decent at combat, possessing an alt with a neutral spar, Chiang is able to best most militant in combat (cuz they spend all their time afk at the train station lol).

With his disregard for the seriousness of the game, Chiang was constantly cracking jokes, and pointing out the stupidity of things outside and inside of the Community.

If there was one thing Chiang cared about, it was the preservation of his legacy. In fact, he was obsessed with it, and at one point had trained a number of apprentices to try and preserve his own personal lineage.

-more 2 come-

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