Auel Vist Edit

Screenshot 2016-11-18 at 11.26.00 AM - Edited

State Regalia body

Of course Auel, he made probably the more popular Military Uniforms. He made realistic heads popular, Regalia on bodies etc etc. Most guilds recolor or edit the State GFX he created.

Xiao/Roanoke Edit

Xiao is known to have made the Sarovian Uniforms, shields or pretty much anything Sarovian GFX related. He has created Custom Uniforms for countless Militaries.

Kevlar Vaughn Edit

Popularized using the default body template instead of the tall skinny State body. He has made the New Frontier Uniforms, Aurean Uniforms, Talon Company and along with many others.

Macbeth Edit

Macbeth has made many Uniforms of known Military guilds. He made the Uniforms for the Imperial Order, KoB, and many prototypes for his guild Edo.

Sol Fessler Edit

Fessler has made many from scratch heads, uniforms, and shields. Including; but not limited to, the Bundes Reich bodies, Desert Corps bodies, and 2nd Gen Amestrian body.


Mk. 1 Bundes Reich body, jungle camo.

Auel KusanEdit

Notable ArtistsEdit

  • Grizz, an amateur graphics artist. Makes custom shields and edits heads.
  • Lyman, a slightly good Graphics Artist. Makes shields, bodies, and heads.
    Screenshot (3)

    A Union-esque body Lyman will use in the future.

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