Berkley T. MacGreogre,who's that you might be asking..

Well,let me tell you a story of Berkley,but let's go back to 2013  back when it all started. Berkley (or ninja,as that was his first name) started to play GraalOnline classic in winter on his smartphone (spoiler alert:that phone was Huawei Ascend Y-530).

The first guild that he ever joined was Questions.

Later on,after he got kicked (after the winter break,cuz he was too inactive),he was without a guild.Until 2013,when he lost the account,damn it Berkley.

When he made a new graal account on Facebook,he was still called Ninja.He still didn't join any guild,until 16th of June 2014,when he joined Balkan,it was a guild filled with slavs from the Balkan region.

He was kicked numerous times because he was inactive,until January the 29th 2017,when he joined Communist state of Ari,led by Samuele Mangano (It's still alive).

At January the 5th 2017,he enlisted to Vaiken,as support unit,back when Ari was supporting Vaiken (they stopped supporting vaiken when it died).

After vaiken died,he returned to Ari,he got promoted to Head of prison (and i almost forgot,he has choosen to become a guard).

And at 13th of January 2017,he joined Aurea.He got promoted to guard after his first Patrol at Delta island,but at 15th of January 2017,that rank would be lost after Percy said some Anti-Bosnian crap and made Zella leave.And if that was not enough,when zella got back,Fyre asked everyone in Aurea who made zella leave,and everyone blamed Berkley,so he left Aurea...Until March of 15th 2017,when Azrael told Berkley that he was not blacklisted,and that demotion was just a joke (And when Kingdom of Supernovia fell).

After he got kicked from Aurea again,he joined Republic.

After Republic fell,he would later on revive Supernovia,but as a Republic of Supernovia (which is still in preperation).

He was still in Supernovia,until April of 15th 2017,when he joined The State led by Auel*.

But after the massive kick in The State,he would be in Supernovia for only two days,until he joined again.Right now,he's the Sergeant of 4th Regiment of Auel,led by Captain, Matthews Kaaege Zapz,but before led by Leon,which when he stopped leading it,he joined 2nd foot guard.