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Antonio was an era player since 2010. He is well known as Antonio Lucero. When his family fell in Era in late 2016, He decided to go to classic to try it. When he saw the game, he liked the game in the first sight,without trying it. Antonio plays Ol' West too.


When he started playing classic, he explored the whole map. At this time his name was Sergei Metrivic. When he was exploring York Town, He saw Aureans doing a recruitment rally. Then he pmed a grenadier colonel for Aurea called Fyre Xavi to join,then he joined Aurea. He got ranked as a Cadet, He was really good at trainings. Then he climbed up to the rank Sergeant for listening to the orders and completing trainings. Then he left Aurea for good. Then he went inactive for a few days.

Court Of New Sarovia

First of all fuck this era..Sarovian Era and bullshit? I was there once..Busting my ass getting nothing, so my advice is, never join them!

Clan Garika.

When he was chatting with sarovians, someone pmed him from Ol' West. It was his old friend Nico Garika, formerly Nico Romano. He asked Antonio if he can get back on Ol' West to help him build his clan and destroy a communist named Anthony Black. The clan was called Clan Garika . Antonio accepted.

Old Frontier Republic.

When Antonio was standing in the Train Station, He saw someone that he knows very well..He met him in iEra, It was Morzan von Kazakov, his old friend. Morzan talked to him about doing a republic called "Old Frontier Republic" in Ol'West, Antonio accepted to join him there and got ranked as a Captain. He convinced some guys known in Era such as Samuele Mangano etc.

Order of Gold.

When Antonio was playing iEra, he receive a pm from his friend Nico Garika, telling him that he will do a cult named "Order of Gold" in iEra. Antonio agreed and became a High Priest for this cult.

The State.

Antonio came back from absence, he was in the Train Station. But suddenly he saw one of his friends, Paw Vivre in the State. He asked his fellow friend to join the State. Antonio joined and got Ranked to 2nd lieutenant and demoted to Drill Sergeant due to exams. When he finished his exams, he came back and Paw ranked him as 2nd Lieutenant again. He met a lot of friends like Sol Fessler, Craig , Leon, Xiao etc...Someone came to the State.. But Antonio was surprised..It was his uncle from iEra, Nate Lucero. He ranked up from Lance Corporal to Commander. Him and his uncle decided to expand the Lucero Family in classic, which it was successful earning 8 members.


"Oh! You blowed your mother with that mouth."