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Start Date:  May 2nd, 2014.

Received Guard Rank:  May 18th, 2014.


The Great Migration (March 20th - May 2nd)Edit

The Great Migration was the bridge between Elysia moving from GraalOnline Classic to GraalOnline Delteria.  What made The Great Migration so difficult was the fact that Delteria was only available on Facebook and Playerworlds, no mobile release whatsoever.  Around 20 Elysians managed to move to Delteria, not all completely however.  Those who made it include; John, Alyx himself, Jordon, Jermaine, Grizz, Sol, Monkey, Irish, Eaglevision, Raiden, Julez, Kusan, and James K. Dolan.  Alyx Yukotan Zor joined Elysia during the beginning of May. He quickly began working on his studies, leveling, and advancing through The Elysian Guard. He reached Guard title status a little over two weeks after he joined, currently the highest ranking member in The Elysian Guard (tied with Jermaine).

Prosperitas Era (May 2nd - Present)Edit

Alyx, after reaching Guard title status, began working on reaching Vassal title status, and attempting to become the highest ranking member in The Elysian Guard. His dedication to his work pays off, and he's constantly helping new Elysians who join with questing, dungeoning, and leveling. Alyx has trained to date (May 24th, 2014), Raiden, Eaglevision, Durion, James K. Dolan, and Kenshin.

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