Created as a new society/military to mirror Elysia, but with a Roman theme rather than a medieval European theme. Alteria initially didn't grow big, and was taken as a Colony by the Imperium. When the Imperium was cycled into The State, so was Alteria. Alteria was later recreated as a post-State guild, and was designed to be something unique. It took ideas from State, Elysia, and Imperia in an effort to create the ultimate guild. Alteria arguably had the most planning over any other post-State guild and is said to have been good while it lasted, and was coined a necessary keystone in preventing a mass creation of militaries in the post-State atmosphere.

The First Alteria

Vulnus created Alteria under a Roman theme, building ranks, guilds, and the government around that of Ancient Rome. Crowned as Caesar Vulnus, he created a small military that had 3 Regiments. It lasted for about a two weeks, until the Imperium came.

The Imperium

Vulnus worked out a deal with the leaders of the Imperium, and took control over all the Imperium's colonies. Xeno was given control of Alteria, which had become an Imperium colony. With the fall of the Imperium, Alteria was destroyed.


Vulnus, leader of the State, recreated Alteria after the fall of the State. Alteria grew and boasted about 65 members, bigger than any military since the fall of the State. This time, Alteria had taken on a more "kingdom-y" theme, adding the Knights, and cities. Alteria had several plans, but lack of senior staff led Vulnus to doing almost everything by himself. He helped with the plans for Valerock City, and appointed Gorgo as its governor.


Wanting to kill his guild quietly and discreetly, Vulnus convinced certain members to defect and create their own militaries. Barbantia, a small military guild, was created this way. He then became inactive, and the majority of the guild had either defected or "retired" which had become a common practice during this time. The guild quietly fell apart, as intended. Vulnus understood that it was necessary to train officers if any military was to succeed, so he killed his own guild, and started offering others his wisdom.