Beginnings Edit

Events happened roughly 2013

Ajax started off in Graal as any other. He was in a social guild until about 300 hours, and later saw a rally for Arcadia. Ajax joined soon after and liked Peter, of course the guild chat was brimming with State hatred. Ajax soon left Arcadia to join Auel and his followers, he spent his days training and working hard.

Ajax's Golden Age Edit

Events happened in roughly 2013-2014

Ajax was in the 3rd Regiment, rising through the ranks with the help of Xinke and Julius. He was a 2nd Lieutenant at the time. Ajax would also gain popularity with some officers more than others, such as Roanoke and Aga. When State was disbanded, he was left to wait.

Ajax's DawnEdit

Events take place roughly 2015-2016

Ajax became head of intelligence for State, after destroying a negotiation deal which had damaged his career. He was notable for his anger and impulsiveness. He was strict when it came to training and believed in hard work and following orders. He made many enemies.

Notable RanksEdit

  • •Major in State
  • •Major General in State Militia
  • •Knight in House regium
  • •Chancellor in Atrium
  • Major General in State Militia
  • Major in State Militia
  • General in Vrezran

Notable FriendsEdit

  • Roanoke
  • Aga
  • Rohan
  • Matthews
  • Chocobites
  • Arno
  • Loxious
  • Muzak


  • Kaage
  • Barragan
  • Iparis
  • Rhodes
  • Atlas
  • Krieger
  • Gladium
  • Landa

Red DawnEdit

Events happen 2016-2017

After moving to Aurea and remaining there for a while, I went to Ol West with Kevlar to form the NFR. I spent 3 months at west, if not more. Coming back from West, much had changed. Changing my name to Boris, I set upon Classic once again, I enlisted in the State Militia, and was made Colonel, after a while I was put into Major. And then I was put into Major General. I now take my title of Author back from the good ol' days of The Historical Society. And I am now merely an author, for now.

Works Include

  • Sarovian Theory WIP
  • State Manual Contribution
  • Altrium Documents
  • What Is Auel
  • Other Small Devices

To my friends, I will see you soon.

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